Welcome to the cheese specialists

Ruwisch & Zuck – Ruwisch & Zuck - Die Käsespezialisten GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading specialised wholesalers for cheese in Germany. At our headquarters in Hannover we have 1700 products readily available for you on a storage space of 3800 sqm, 1000 articles for the cheese counter and 700 self service articles. They come from 350 different entreprises in 20 European cheese countries. We deliver to retailers, beginning at 40 kilos within 24 to 48 hours.

Trade partners are offered an exceptional, interesting and unique environment for seminars, product line assessments and individual consultations. The European Cheese Center (ECC) is also a center for in-house exhibitions, cheese tastings and other events.

Another highlight is the CASEUS DOMUS catalogue , which should be a fixture for every cheese counter and is an essential reference for anyone interested in cheese.

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