Various European Cheese Specialties

We are very proud of being able to offer a comprehensive cheese assortment from all European cheese countries to our customers. We can even request unusual types for you on short notice as so called "advance orders".

European cheese specialties have proven to be a sales promoting enhancement to our basic product range (standard). Surveys have proven that the ideal cheese counter offers a balanced range of "standards" and "specialties".

On the following cheese country sites we will give you a short overview of the cheese produced there, which mostly depends on the locally prevalent cattle (cow, sheep, goat, buffalo).

Our offer is exclusively aimed at wholesalers and retailers; consumers should please buy at good retail cheese counters.

Our product range is sorted by cheese groups (number before the item number). This facilitates the overview for you. Please find further information on page 7 of the CASEUS DOMUS catalogue. Our item specifications include all important  information which may be of interest to the customer at the cheese counter.

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