Danish Cheese

Denmark is the smallest Scandinavian country, with 5 million inhabitants and an area of 43,000 square kilometres. Even though Denmark is a small country, it has a hundred-year-old tradition regarding the production and exportation of prime quality dairy products. In fact, Danish farmers, who only make up 6% of the workforce, produce three times more food than the Danes are able to consume. This excess production makes Denkmark one of the world's largest exporters of dairy products. One reason for this large production is, on one hand, the fertile soil, which Danish farmers have fully taken advantage of in order to improve food for the animals, on the other hand, it is the knowledge that has been created by continuous research in the dairy sector, which has lead to the creation of new products of excellent quality.

We would especially like to point out the following cheeses:

Arla Cave Cheese
Ripened in nature's cheese cellar, 35 metres below the ground in the small Danish village of Monsted in the middle of Jütland, a very special cheese with a unique taste is ripening – Arla's original cave cheese. About 1000 years ago, Danish monks began extracting limestone in the caves of Monsted. They are the world's largest limestone caves, with more than 60 km of underground tunnels. In this natural cheese cellar, Arla's original cave cheese has found the ideal place for its special aging process. At a constant temperature of 8 °C and in air with a humidity of almost 100% and full of carbonic acid, Arla's cave cheese receives its inimitable taste.

Höhlenkäse Classic

(4,0 kg / 50 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 20-3666

Castello Black Schafmilch

(1,3 kg / 50 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 50-3769

Castello mit Rum/Nuss

(1,0 kg / 70 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 76-3757

Cheese from Denmark