English Cheese

The city of Cheddar in the county of Somerset gave this cheese its name, whose origins can be traced back to the 11th century. Cheddar has come to be the world's most widespread type of cheese. No matter if in Australia, the USA, South Africa or Germany, it is known everywhere.

The largest part of the production comes from large dairies. Cheddar is produced through a special "cheddaring" process of the curd. The curd is cut into handy pieces an then chipped. Salt is added, the curd is filled into towels, pressed for the first time and then dunked in hot water, in order to close the cheese rind and smoothen the surface, before pressing it for the second time.

In earlier times, the aging process took 9-18 months at a storage temperature of about 6°C. Today, the cheese is speed aged at temperatures of about 12°C for 3-4 months, however, this causes it to lose a part of its native taste. If you are looking for quality, please buy traditionally produced Farmhous Cheddar, which does not contain colourants either.


(1,1 kg / 48 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 04-2820

Clotted Cream

(170 g / 55 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 496-4780

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