Swedish Cheese

In the 9th century, the Benedictine monk Ansgar had the opportunity to establish monasteries with the Vikings in Sweden, as an envoy of Louis the Pious (son of Charlemagne). He also brought recipes for cheese production with him. Soon the peasants also paid their tributes in cheese – as it was the custom in Europe. Just like the country, the cheeses are characterized by a tart consistency. The most popular type is Gräddost, which is similar to the Danish Cream Havarti.

Grevé 1/4 Laib

(3,0 kg / 45 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 01-3080

Midsommar 1/4 Laib

(3,0 kg / 45 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 01-3081

Cheese from Sweden