Marketing for Your Cheese Counter

By using the TZ pricing system, you will achieve higher sales and you will raise the performance of your staff, with less responsibility for declaration at the same time.

A large number of customers buys according to taste. "How does this cheese taste?" is a frequently asked question.

Käse Geschmackstreifen

In order to help customers and vendors decide, the coloured flavour tab serves for orientation at the cheese counter.

Käse PreisschildPreisschild Käse

Front and back of a price tag. The taste, country of origin and FDM are immediately recognizable for the customer. On the back there is a small text for the vendor's information with alle important details for the cheese.


Your benefits:


In order to optimize the use of this intelligent pricing system, secondary means are also offered: counter stands, price foils, lists of additives, cheese handbook, motivational training, a cheese show for the analysis of the product range and our CASEUS DOMUS catalogue.

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