The Guide to the 900 Most Important Cheeses

With our CASEUS DOMUS catalogue we wish to address all cheese lovers, customers and professionals interested in cheese. This cheese guide has seen five editions. The current sixth edition will be published in fall 2008 for InterMopro.

Our catalogue is a must for any cheese vendor or fan. Just by leafing through you will already learn many interesting things about cheese.

The first 30 pages contain everything important about cheese and are so exciting, that the reader will not even notice how he is schooling himself. On the following 70 pages, the 900 most important European cheeses are presented, with which about 85% of all German cheese counters are supplied. The images and descriptions of every product are important parts of the catalogue, which is why it belongs behind every cheese counter.

Order the CASEUS DOMUS catalogue today and step into the exciting world of cheese.

Caseus Domus catalogue