European Cheese Under One Roof

The European Cheese Center in Hannover-Anderten is operated by the cheese wholesalers Ruwisch & Zuck – The Cheese Specialists. A cold storage with a space of 3800 sqm has room for 1700 different cheese specialties from all European countries which are always readily available. This diversified product range requires a large amount of knowledge and proficiency. Directly next to the cold storage, the European Cheese Center (ECC) is located – founded by Mr. Volker Zuck in 1999. On one hand it contains a training classroom, an ideal place for knowledge transfer in a relaxed atmosphere, on the other hand it contains a so-called Cheese Village, a very accurately arranged village in which more than 800 different cheese products are presented in the styles of their home countries – in accordance with the individual European cheese regions.
european cheese centerECC Hannover
For specialist vendors, cheese salespeople and everyone that has a vocational interest in cheese, cheese training courses are offered. There are also differently themed cheese tastings at regular intervals for consumers and cheese lovers. A presenter leads these evening events, at which different cheeses are tasted and suitable wines are served along.

For further information, please address Ms. Katrin Heuer. You may find the contact information in the box on the left side.

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European Cheese Center
European Cheese Center
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